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Polygon [MATIC] NFT Collection Crosses $20M Mark: 16M+ Holders

• Polygon’s Reddit Collectible Avatars have surpassed the $20 million mark in minting volume.
• Over 16 million users held the collection at the time of writing, with 14% holding more than 1 Avatar.
• The recently launched Gen 4 collection, „Retro Reimagined,“ has further boosted the number of avatars and sales.

Polygon’s Reddit Avatars Surpass $20 Million Mark

Polygon’s non-fungible token (NFT) based Reddit Collectible Avatars have crossed a major milestone, surpassing $20 million in minting volume. At the time of writing, more than 16 million holders owned the collection, which was launched by social media giant Reddit in 2022.

Gen 4 Collection Boosts Mints & Holders

The launch of Gen 4 collection titled “Retro Reimagined” played a part in boosting overall mints and holders as it recorded a sales volume of over $277,524 as of this writing. Additionally, Gen 3 generated transactions worth more than $3.4 million since its launch. As per recent data from Dune Analytics, nearly 14% of holders (amounting to 2.2 million) held more than one Collectible Avatar at the time of publication.

Benefits Of Holding Collectibles

Owners of these avatars get unique benefits on Reddit platform including special avatar effects when using them as profile picture and special comment treatment on posts. Moreover, they also get access to exclusive content such as NFT drops and special giveaways from various communities on Reddit platform itself.

MATIC Price Prediction

Polygon [MATIC] was ranked second largest blockchain in NFT sales over past week with its MATIC price prediction for 2023-24 remaining optimistic despite recent negativity surrounding major collections falling to historic lows in market sentiment and demand levels dropping significantly.


The performance of entities like Polygon’s Collectible Avatars ensures that this Web3 vertical remains visible amidst current market conditions and continues to provide creative opportunities while also offering unique benefits to its holders such as access to exclusive content and enhanced user experience on Reddit platform itself.