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BRD’s CEO dismissed the crypto coins until he heard from Andreessen Horowitz executives

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Adam Traidman, BRD’s co-founder and executive director, formerly Breadwallet, shared the story of his journey into the world of cryptomontages.

BRD was founded in 2015, and quickly became a popular purse in the United States and in emerging economies such as Venezuela.

Although initially skeptical of Bitcoin’s prospects for widespread adoption, Tradiman was convinced after hearing a conversation among Andreessen Horowitz executives about BTC.

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I told him he was out of his mind
„I’m originally a computer chip designer, and it was around 2013 when I was CEO of a company that was making weight-loss devices before the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear came out,“ Traidman said.

„At that moment, one of my ex-employees sat down with me in a bar, looked me in the eye and said, ‚Adam, you have to do a Bitcoin company with me.

He looked me in the eye and said, this is the most important thing in your life.

„I looked at it and said, Aaron, wow, I’m impressed by your passion, but as far as I know, Bitcoin is used for nefarious activities. As interesting as Bitcoin System may be, technologies like that never make it into the mainstream. I told him he was crazy and I didn’t talk to him for a year.

„And I wish I had, because he’s a much richer man than I am now,“ added Traidman.

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A conversation overheard
Traidman continued to work at the clothing device company in Silicon Valley, where he had been an entrepreneur for some 20 years.

As he was about to introduce his clothing device company to Andreessen Horowitz, Traidman remembers hearing a discussion on the subject of Bitcoin (BTC):

„Literally on the way to the conference room, I heard them talking about Bitcoin, that’s when Andreessen had funded Coinbase. And I thought, motherfucker, these are some of the smartest guys in the Valley, if you think about something like that, maybe my friend isn’t so crazy after all.“

After contacting his former employee again to learn more about Bitcoin, Traidman said he had a „moment of epiphany.

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He said: No, you don’t understand, this is much bigger than the Internet. That’s why guys like Andreessen are coming in. This is not just communication, it is the social fabric of society. And in changing these things, it is not only an opportunity to disrupt the largest industry in the world, which is the banking and finance industry, but also to do good to close the wealth gap, to bank the unbanked, to do things that are not possible within the confines of the old financial system.

Traidman stated that his friend asked him again to build a company based on an open source project, Breadwallet.

„Today, the company is called BRD,“ he said. „We have four million customers in hundreds of countries and six or seven billion dollars that our customers protect in our application.“

„It’s been a great journey. I just wish I had been smart enough to get involved a little sooner,“ Tradesman concluded.